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Cam Plates 02-13 Avalanche 1500 00-15 Suburban 1500 00-15 Yukon XL 1500 Rough Country

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SKU: RCS-1002


Gain better performance from your lowered GM and protect your tire tread with Rough Country's 99-15 GM Cam Plates!

These Cam plates offer additional adjustment to help bring your lowered alignment back to factory specs. When outfitting a vehicle with lowered suspension components and low profile tire and wheel combinations, the stock geometry changes.

In some setups this can cause uneven tire wear, mainly to the inside of the tire, which can often go unnoticed. By using Rough Country's Cam Plates, you'll gain an additional 1 degree of positive caster and an easier, even wear on your tires!

Also perfect for any lifted GM in need of camber adjustment. Best of all, this product is backed by Rough Country's Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!


  • Gain an additional 1 degree of positive caster
  • Bring your alignment back to factory specs
  • Helps correct uneven tire wear

Notes: Requires grinding Requires new alignment after installing


  • Sold As Kit
  • Drive 2WD|4WD
  • Mount Style Bolt On


2000_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L GAS, 2000_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L GAS, 2001_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L GAS, 2001_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L GAS, 2001_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.0L GAS, 2002_Chevrolet_Avalanche 1500_5.3L GAS, 2002_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2002_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L GAS, 2002_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2002_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L GAS, 2002_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.0L GAS, 2003_Chevrolet_Avalanche 1500_5.3L GAS, 2003_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2003_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L GAS, 2003_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2003_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L GAS, 2003_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.0L GAS, 2004_Chevrolet_Avalanche 1500_5.3L GAS, 2004_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2004_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L GAS, 2004_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2004_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L GAS, 2004_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.0L GAS, 2005_Chevrolet_Avalanche 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2005_Chevrolet_Avalanche 1500_5.3L GAS, 2005_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2005_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L GAS, 2005_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2005_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L GAS, 2005_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.0L GAS, 2006_Chevrolet_Avalanche 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2006_Chevrolet_Avalanche 1500_5.3L GAS, 2006_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2006_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L GAS, 2006_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_6.0L GAS, 2006_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2006_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L GAS, 2006_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.0L GAS, 2007_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2007_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L GAS, 2007_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_6.0L GAS, 2007_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2007_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L GAS, 2007_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.0L GAS, 2007_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.2L GAS, 2008_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2008_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L GAS, 2008_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_6.0L GAS, 2008_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2008_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L GAS, 2008_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.0L GAS, 2008_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.2L GAS, 2009_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2009_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L GAS, 2009_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_6.0L GAS, 2009_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2009_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L GAS, 2009_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.0L GAS, 2009_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.2L FLEX, 2010_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2010_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2010_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.2L FLEX, 2011_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2011_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2011_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.2L FLEX, 2012_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2012_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2012_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.2L FLEX, 2013_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2013_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2013_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.2L FLEX, 2014_Chevrolet_Suburban 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2014_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2014_GMC_Yukon XL 1500_6.2L FLEX

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