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Dodge Attitude Adjuster In-Cab Load Stop For 94-98 5.9L Cummins Industrial Injection

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SKU: INDJ-1020


The APP Attitude Adjuster gives you full control of your 12-valve Cummins or any other engine equipped with a p7100 injection pump (4cyl, 6cyl, 8cyl) from inside the cab.

With the turn of a knob, you have the adjustability from 0mm of rack travel to 21mm (max). The in-cab control box gives you complete pump control with only one full revolution of the knob.

All this is done while retaining the AFC housing (boost advance) which is crucial for drivability. With the fine adjustments of the chip you will be able to tune for max power and optimum economy without having to leave your seat!

Because of its adjustability, the Attitude adjuster will work on every P7100 injection pump with No Modification required. It is flow benched and dyno proven. Whether you have a 1000 hp truck or a first-modification truck, you'll experience a remarkable power increase!

The P7100's popularity comes from it's ability to be easily modified to increase the fuel flow, sometimes to over 1000cc.

A P7100 that flows over 500cc can become unstreetable. With the Attitude Adjuster you will be able to reduce fuel to less than stock, providing longer pump life and better streetability for your heavily modified truck.

The Attitude Adjuster is a direct replacement of the cam plate and does not require removal of the injection pump. Installation is as simple as swapping a cam plate.

Finally there's a way to control your fueling from the cab. This product is 100 percent mechanical and will last the life of your vehicle!

Included Items :

  • Chip housing with one fuel profile
  • New AFC housing arm machined for full fuel advance
  • Bracket for shutoff solenoid
  • Control cable
  • In-cab control box
  • All necessary hardware
  • Available fuel profiles (same as cam plates):
  • 0 Flat contour for you to make your own profile

Note:Â These profiles are dynamic for this part, not static; therefore we do not offer hp ratings, only recommendations for your application.

Fueling profiles are interchangeable and will soon be available individually!


1994_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.9L DIESEL, 1994_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.9L DIESEL, 1995_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.9L DIESEL, 1995_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.9L DIESEL, 1996_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.9L DIESEL, 1996_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.9L DIESEL, 1997_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.9L DIESEL, 1997_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.9L DIESEL, 1998_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.9L DIESEL, 1998_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.9L DIESEL
WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
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