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BD Diesel 1057939 BD TS Booster V3.0 - Toyota

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SKU: BD-1057939


Say goodbye to that dead, laggy throttle pedal feeling and enjoy quicker engine response and acceleration with the BD Power TS Booster. The TS Booster amplifies the signal between the throttle pedal and ECM to give a quicker reaction time and forces your performance curve to occur sooner, achieving quicker engine response and a "fly back in your seat" feeling. Factory connections mean a painless install giving you six acceleration levels and a security mode. No need to program, the TS Booster sophisticated A.I. will do the work for you, learning the appropriate settings for your particular application from your throttle inputs. TS Booster doesn't affect warranty or tamper with emissions.Gas, Diesel & Electric; Quicker engine response & acceleration; Reduce Pedal Lag; Multiple sensitivity settings: Eco, Street, Sport, Race and Ludicrous; Valet and security modes; Doesn't affect warranty; No emission tampering; Easy to install with factory connections; CARB EO numbers available for many applications with more to come, check out TSBOOSTER.COM for details; Our goal is to be an innovative company and a world class manufacturer that distributes products Worldwide for North American Diesel vehicles.; Our goal is to be an innovative company and a world class manufacturer that distributes products Worldwide for North American Diesel vehicles.


2004_Toyota_4Runner_4.0L GAS, 2004_Toyota_4Runner_4.7L GAS, 2004_Toyota_Highlander_2.4L GAS, 2004_Toyota_Highlander_3.3L GAS, 2004_Toyota_Sienna_3.3L GAS, 2005_Toyota_Tacoma_4.0L Gas, 2006_Toyota_4Runner_4.0L GAS, 2006_Toyota_4Runner_4.7L GAS, 2006_Toyota_Highlander_2.4L GAS, 2006_Toyota_Highlander_3.3L GAS, 2006_Toyota_Sienna_3.3L GAS, 2006_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2006_Toyota_Tacoma_4.0L GAS, 2007_Toyota_4Runner_4.0L GAS, 2007_Toyota_4Runner_4.7L GAS, 2007_Toyota_FJ Cruiser_4.0L GAS, 2007_Toyota_Highlander_2.4L GAS, 2007_Toyota_Highlander_3.3L GAS, 2007_Toyota_Sienna_3.5L GAS, 2007_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2007_Toyota_Tacoma_4.0L GAS, 2008_Toyota_4Runner_4.0L GAS, 2008_Toyota_4Runner_4.7L GAS, 2008_Toyota_FJ Cruiser_4.0L GAS, 2008_Toyota_Highlander_3.5L GAS, 2008_Toyota_Sienna_3.5L GAS, 2008_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2008_Toyota_Tacoma_4.0L GAS, 2009_Toyota_4Runner_4.0L GAS, 2009_Toyota_4Runner_4.7L GAS, 2009_Toyota_FJ Cruiser_4.0L GAS, 2009_Toyota_Sienna_3.5L GAS, 2009_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2009_Toyota_Tacoma_4.0L GAS, 2010_Toyota_FJ Cruiser_4.0L GAS, 2010_Toyota_Sienna_3.5L GAS, 2010_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2010_Toyota_Tacoma_4.0L GAS, 2011_Toyota_FJ Cruiser_4.0L GAS, 2011_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2011_Toyota_Tacoma_4.0L GAS, 2012_Toyota_FJ Cruiser_4.0L GAS, 2012_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2012_Toyota_Tacoma_4.0L GAS, 2013_Toyota_FJ Cruiser_4.0L GAS, 2013_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2013_Toyota_Tacoma_4.0L GAS, 2014_Toyota_FJ Cruiser_4.0L GAS, 2014_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2014_Toyota_Tacoma_4.0L GAS, 2015_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2015_Toyota_Tacoma_4.0L GAS, 2016_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2016_Toyota_Tacoma_3.5L GAS, 2017_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2017_Toyota_Tacoma_3.5L GAS, 2018_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2018_Toyota_Tacoma_3.5L GAS, 2019_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2019_Toyota_Tacoma_3.5L GAS, 2020_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2020_Toyota_Tacoma_3.5L GAS, 2021_Toyota_Tacoma_2.7L GAS, 2021_Toyota_Tacoma_3.5L GAS

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