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Jeep Transfer Case Drop Kit 86-92 4WD Jeep Comanche MJ 84-01 Cherokee XJ Rough Country

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SKU: RCS-1072


This easy bolt-on kit allows for better driveshaft angles reducing driveline vibration. Recommended for vehicles with 4.5in - 6.5in of supension lift.


  • Easy bolt-on installation.
  • Improves driveshaft angles and reduces driveline vibration.


  • Sold As Kit
  • Drive 4WD
  • Lift Height 4.5 inch-6.5 inch
  • Mount Style Bolt On


1984_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1984_Jeep_Cherokee_2.8L GAS, 1985_Jeep_Cherokee_2.1L DIESEL, 1985_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1985_Jeep_Cherokee_2.8L GAS, 1986_Jeep_Cherokee_2.1L DIESEL, 1986_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1986_Jeep_Cherokee_2.8L GAS, 1986_Jeep_Comanche_2.1L DIESEL, 1986_Jeep_Comanche_2.5L GAS, 1986_Jeep_Comanche_2.8L GAS, 1987_Jeep_Cherokee_2.1L DIESEL, 1987_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1987_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1987_Jeep_Comanche_2.1L DIESEL, 1987_Jeep_Comanche_2.5L GAS, 1987_Jeep_Comanche_4.0L GAS, 1988_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1988_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1988_Jeep_Comanche_2.5L GAS, 1988_Jeep_Comanche_4.0L GAS, 1989_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1989_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1989_Jeep_Comanche_2.5L GAS, 1989_Jeep_Comanche_4.0L GAS, 1990_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1990_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1990_Jeep_Comanche_2.5L GAS, 1990_Jeep_Comanche_4.0L GAS, 1991_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1991_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1991_Jeep_Comanche_2.5L GAS, 1991_Jeep_Comanche_4.0L GAS, 1992_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1992_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1992_Jeep_Comanche_2.5L GAS, 1992_Jeep_Comanche_4.0L GAS, 1993_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1993_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1994_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1994_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1995_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1995_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1996_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1996_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1997_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1997_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1998_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1998_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 1999_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 1999_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 2000_Jeep_Cherokee_2.5L GAS, 2000_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS, 2001_Jeep_Cherokee_4.0L GAS

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