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Jimmy 69-91 N2.0 Front Shock Absorber 7-8 Inch Rough Country

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SKU: RCS-20030_G


Who says your daily driver and your weekend warrior can't be the same vehicle? Introducing The N2.0 Shock absorber: Engineered by Rough Country's Research and Development Team specifically for both on and off-road use.

N2.0 shocks are nitrogen charged at 200 PSI to prevent foaming and offer a longer lifespan. Incorporating Velocity Sensitive Valving technology, these shocks utilize a 10-stage variable valving process that helps facilitate resistance valving incorporated in the shock according to piston rod speed.

This allows for a super smooth highway ride and outstanding control in rugged off road situations from the same shock, without turning any knobs or shock removal for re-adjustment. Each shock is tested and custom tuned for its specific vehicle application.

It's Chromed Hardened 9/16 inch Piston Rod and massive 1 3/8 Inch Bore allow for fluid movement while providing the type of heavy duty durability needed in off-road situations.

The N2.0 Shock absorber is outfitted with rubber bushings to provide further vibration dampening, while its RC Silver powder coat finish holds up to the elements on the trails and turns heads on the highway.


  • 10-Stage Variable Valving.
  • 200 psi Nitrogen Charged.
  • Massive 1 3/8in Bore.
  • Chromed Hardened 9/16in Piston Rod Spring
  • Loaded Piston Rod Seal
  • Military Spec. Fluid Rated To -50 Degree C
  • Rubber bushings for better absorption
  • Silver powder coat finish
  • 3-year Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Sold As Each
  • Location Front
  • Drive 4WD
  • Lift Height 7.0 inch-8.0 inch


1970_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1970_GMC_Jimmy_4.8L GAS, 1970_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1970_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1971_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1971_GMC_Jimmy_4.8L GAS, 1971_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1971_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1972_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1972_GMC_Jimmy_4.8L GAS, 1972_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1972_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1973_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1973_GMC_Jimmy_4.8L GAS, 1973_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1973_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1973_GMC_Jimmy_7.4L GAS, 1974_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1974_GMC_Jimmy_4.8L GAS, 1974_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1974_GMC_Jimmy_7.4L GAS, 1975_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1975_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1975_GMC_Jimmy_6.6L GAS, 1976_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1976_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1976_GMC_Jimmy_6.6L GAS, 1976_GMC_Jimmy_7.4L GAS, 1977_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1977_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1977_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1977_GMC_Jimmy_6.6L GAS, 1978_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1978_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1978_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1978_GMC_Jimmy_6.6L GAS, 1979_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1979_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1979_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1979_GMC_Jimmy_6.6L GAS, 1980_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1980_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1980_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1981_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1981_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1981_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1982_GMC_Jimmy_4.1L GAS, 1982_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1982_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1982_GMC_Jimmy_6.2L DIESEL, 1983_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1983_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1983_GMC_Jimmy_6.2L DIESEL, 1984_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1984_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1984_GMC_Jimmy_6.2L DIESEL, 1985_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1985_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1985_GMC_Jimmy_6.2L DIESEL, 1986_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1986_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1986_GMC_Jimmy_6.2L DIESEL, 1987_GMC_Jimmy_5.0L GAS, 1987_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1987_GMC_Jimmy_6.2L DIESEL, 1989_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1989_GMC_Jimmy_6.2L DIESEL, 1990_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1990_GMC_Jimmy_6.2L DIESEL, 1991_GMC_Jimmy_5.7L GAS, 1991_GMC_Jimmy_6.2L DIESEL

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