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  • 7.5 Inch Suspension Lift Kit w/N3 Struts 07-13 Tahoe/Yukon Rough Country

7.5 Inch Suspension Lift Kit w/N3 Struts 07-13 Tahoe/Yukon Rough Country

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SKU: RCS-28601


This all-inclusive kit ships with everything you need to get going and hit the mudholes. Featuring a set of beefy lifted knuckles and 1/4in thick steel front and rear high-clearance crossmembers, this kit offers plenty of muscle to handle hazards both on and off-road.

A set of Lifted Coil Springs and Upper Strut Spacers provide plenty of ride height - enough to run up to a 33in tire on our 5in option, or a 35in tire on our 7.5in option. Both kits feature sway-bar links, shock extensions, brakeline brackets, a rough and tumble lower skid plate, and Grade 8 Hardware.

Included sway-bar drop brackets and differential drop brackets help keep vehicle components properly aligned after lifting, providing a factory-like ride while boasting an aggressive stance.


  • Unmatched ground clearance from high clearance crossmember design.
  • 100 percent precision laser cut materials used in latest computer aided design process.
  • Requires no modification to the stock differential mounts, drivetrain or exhaust.
  • Provides highly sought level stance when complete.

Notes: Does Not fit Auto Ride or Auto Leveling models. Does Not fit models with electric steering. AWD models will Require driveline modifications (Must be converted to Not be AWD). Minor cutting and drilling is Required. 18in or larger wheels are Required. Please view instructions for complete information on proper tire/wheel combinations.


  • Sold As Kit
  • Drive 2WD|4WD
  • Tire Info 315/70 R17:17x9:-:+12 to +18mm 1,2295/70 R18:Factory 18:-- 2315/65 R18:18x9:-:+12 to +18mm 1,2295/60 R20:Factory 20:-- 2315/55 R20:20x9:-:+12 to +18mm 1 Factory 18.0 inch and 20in wheels can be run but require 1/4.0 inch wheel spacers with 295 tires 2 Models equipped with Factory 18-inch or larger wheels must run 18-inch or larger wheels if changing to aftermarket wheels
  • Max Tire 33.0 inch
  • Lift Height 7.5 inch
  • Thickness 0.25 inch
  • Front Components Lifted knuckles Front crossmember Rear crossmember Differential drop brackets CV spacers Sway-bar brackets Lower skid plate Brake line brackets Hardware
  • Rear Components Lifted coil springs Coil spring spacers Sway-bar links Track bar bracket Shock extensions Hardware


2007_Chevrolet_Tahoe_4.8L GAS, 2007_Chevrolet_Tahoe_5.3L FLEX, 2007_Chevrolet_Tahoe_5.3L GAS, 2007_GMC_Yukon_4.8L GAS, 2007_GMC_Yukon_5.3L FLEX, 2007_GMC_Yukon_5.3L GAS, 2007_GMC_Yukon_6.2L GAS, 2008_Chevrolet_Tahoe_4.8L GAS, 2008_Chevrolet_Tahoe_5.3L FLEX, 2008_Chevrolet_Tahoe_5.3L GAS, 2008_Chevrolet_Tahoe_6.0L ELECTRIC/GAS, 2008_Chevrolet_Tahoe_6.2L GAS, 2008_GMC_Yukon_4.8L GAS, 2008_GMC_Yukon_5.3L FLEX, 2008_GMC_Yukon_5.3L GAS, 2008_GMC_Yukon_6.0L ELECTRIC/GAS, 2008_GMC_Yukon_6.2L GAS, 2009_Chevrolet_Tahoe_4.8L GAS, 2009_Chevrolet_Tahoe_5.3L FLEX, 2009_Chevrolet_Tahoe_5.3L GAS, 2009_Chevrolet_Tahoe_6.0L ELECTRIC/GAS, 2009_Chevrolet_Tahoe_6.2L FLEX, 2009_GMC_Yukon_4.8L GAS, 2009_GMC_Yukon_5.3L FLEX, 2009_GMC_Yukon_5.3L GAS, 2009_GMC_Yukon_6.0L ELECTRIC/GAS, 2009_GMC_Yukon_6.2L FLEX, 2010_Chevrolet_Tahoe_5.3L FLEX, 2010_Chevrolet_Tahoe_6.0L ELECTRIC/FLEX, 2010_GMC_Yukon_5.3L FLEX, 2010_GMC_Yukon_6.0L ELECTRIC/FLEX, 2010_GMC_Yukon_6.2L FLEX, 2011_Chevrolet_Tahoe_5.3L FLEX, 2011_Chevrolet_Tahoe_6.0L ELECTRIC/FLEX, 2011_GMC_Yukon_5.3L FLEX, 2011_GMC_Yukon_6.0L ELECTRIC/FLEX, 2011_GMC_Yukon_6.2L FLEX, 2012_Chevrolet_Tahoe_5.3L FLEX, 2012_Chevrolet_Tahoe_6.0L ELECTRIC/FLEX, 2012_GMC_Yukon_5.3L FLEX, 2012_GMC_Yukon_6.0L ELECTRIC/FLEX, 2012_GMC_Yukon_6.2L FLEX, 2013_Chevrolet_Tahoe_5.3L FLEX, 2013_Chevrolet_Tahoe_6.0L ELECTRIC/FLEX, 2013_GMC_Yukon_5.3L FLEX, 2013_GMC_Yukon_6.0L ELECTRIC/FLEX, 2013_GMC_Yukon_6.2L FLEX

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