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  • 68Rfe 545Rfe 45Rfe Solenoid Block Fits 2007.5-2018 6.7L Cummins White Connector

68Rfe 545Rfe 45Rfe Solenoid Block Fits 2007.5-2018 6.7L Cummins White Connector

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SKU: ATS-303-016-2326


Worn or contaminated solenoid packs can cause drivability issues and lead to transmission failure. These new solenoid packs are recommended if you are rebuilding your transmission or having certain problems with the transmission that the recommended fix is to replace the solenoid pack. Replacement of this item can be completed without removing the transmission.

  • 68RFE/545RFE/45RFE Solenoid Pack (Block)
  • White Connector
  • Works On 68RFE 2007.5-2018 With Either Grey or White Connector
  • Replaces Chrysler Part Numbers 68353383AB and 68376695AA
  • 6.7L Cummins or Dodge Hemi and 4.7L V8 With Equipped Transmissions


2007_Dodge_Ram 2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2007_Dodge_Ram 3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2008_Dodge_Ram 2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2008_Dodge_Ram 3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2009_Dodge_Ram 2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2009_Dodge_Ram 3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2010_Dodge_Ram 2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2010_Dodge_Ram 3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2011_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2011_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2012_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2012_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2013_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2013_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2014_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2014_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2015_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2015_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2016_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2016_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2017_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2017_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2018_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2018_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL

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