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ATS 545Rfe Performance Valve Body Fits 2002-2014 Chrysler

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SKU: ATS-303-900-9272


Serving truck enthusiasts for nearly two decades, ATS invents, designs, manufactures, and sells the world's most innovative diesel truck performance products-over 600 products for one-stop shopping. Whether you need power and efficiency for towing, off-road, recreation, or racing, ATS Diesel Performance can meet your needs, quickly and at a reasonable cost.


  • Performance Valve Body Assembly 2002 and up Dodge 545RFE
  • Transmission Model: 545RFE
  • Engine Manufacturer: Hemi
  • Make: Dodge HEMI
  • Models: 1500
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Sold As: Kit


2002_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.9L GAS, 2002_Dodge_Ram 2500_8.0L GAS, 2002_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.9L GAS, 2002_Dodge_Ram 3500_8.0L GAS, 2003_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.7L GAS, 2003_Dodge_Ram 2500_8.0L GAS, 2003_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.7L GAS, 2003_Dodge_Ram 3500_8.0L GAS, 2004_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.7L GAS, 2004_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.7L GAS, 2005_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.7L GAS, 2005_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.7L GAS, 2006_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.7L GAS, 2006_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.7L GAS, 2007_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.7L GAS, 2007_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.7L GAS, 2008_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.7L GAS, 2008_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.7L GAS, 2009_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.7L GAS, 2009_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.7L GAS, 2010_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.7L GAS, 2011_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2011_Ram_3500_5.7L GAS, 2012_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2012_Ram_3500_5.7L GAS, 2013_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2013_Ram_3500_5.7L GAS, 2014_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2014_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2014_Ram_3500_5.7L GAS, 2014_Ram_3500_6.4L GAS, 2015_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2015_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2015_Ram_3500_5.7L GAS, 2015_Ram_3500_6.4L GAS, 2016_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2016_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2016_Ram_3500_5.7L GAS, 2016_Ram_3500_6.4L GAS, 2017_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2017_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2017_Ram_3500_5.7L GAS, 2017_Ram_3500_6.4L GAS, 2018_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2018_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2018_Ram_3500_5.7L GAS, 2018_Ram_3500_6.4L GAS, 2019_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2019_Ram_3500_6.4L GAS, 2020_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2020_Ram_3500_6.4L GAS, 2021_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2021_Ram_3500_6.4L GAS

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