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68Rfe Hd Overdrive Clutch Drum Fits 2007.5+ 6.7L Cummins

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SKU: ATS-314-505-2326


Extreme Duty Billet Overdrive Clutch Drum Assembly for 68-RFE, 545-RFE, 65-RFE and 66-RFE Transmission. This OD/UD drum assembly comes fully loaded and assembled. Single sided clutch/steel plates in UD sedtion and extreme duty Koline clutch plates and GPZ clutch plates in the OD clutch pack.

RFE Transmissions pulling heavy loads or boosted to 600+HP are at high risk for overdrive burn up due to the stock transmission's insufficient clutch capacity and fragile OE clutches.

Even small amounts of heat and extra torque will push the thin (.034 inch), single-sided clutches over the edge, distorting the clutch pack. The fact is, any distortion of the clutch pack takes the clearance out of spec and makes overdrive clutch burn up inevitable.

Keep hardworking trucks on the road with this Extreme Duty overdrive clutch housing kit 314-505-2326. The unique billet aluminum housing holds a physically taller clutch pack and increases OD apply area by 16 percent. Plus, 2X thicker clutches increase clutch pack steel mass by 28 percent for unrivaled heat dissipation.

This groundbreaking kit is the only top-of-the-line upgrade that eliminates clutch problems without relying solely on valve body and pump modifications.

Modified housing holds physically larger clutch pack for 20 percent more clutch capacity

  • 2X Thicker steels and double-sided clutches increase steel mass by 28 percent for unrivaled heat dissipation
  • Bolt-on anchor plate eliminates clutch pack flexing and distortion that contribute to heat build-up
  • 16 percent More OD apply area for firmer, more controlled shifts


  • Extreme Duty Billet Overdrive Clutch Drum Assembly
  • Transmission Model: 68RFE, 545RFE, 65RFE and 66RFE
  • Material: Billet Aluminum
  • Sold As: Each
  • Assembly Required


2007_Dodge_Ram 2500_5.9L DIESEL, 2007_Dodge_Ram 2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2007_Dodge_Ram 3500_5.9L DIESEL, 2007_Dodge_Ram 3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2008_Dodge_Ram 2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2008_Dodge_Ram 3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2009_Dodge_Ram 2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2009_Dodge_Ram 3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2010_Dodge_Ram 2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2010_Dodge_Ram 3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2011_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2011_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2012_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2012_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2013_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2013_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2014_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2014_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2015_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2015_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2016_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2016_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2017_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2017_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2018_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2018_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2019_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2019_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2020_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2020_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL, 2021_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2021_Ram_3500_6.7L DIESEL

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