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GMC Rear Wheel Well Liners 14-18 Sierra 1500/14-19 Sierra HD Rough Country

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SKU: RCS-4216


Give your rear wheel wells superior protection and a striking, new look with Rough Country's Rear Wheel Well Liners. Made of high-density Polyethylene plastic, these durable liners help conceal the unsightly gap between the body and frame which is more noticeable after lifting.

The stylish, contoured design is perfectly tailored for a precise fit to your truck, while the all-black finish helps bring an aggressive look to the rear of your vehicle. Rough Country Rear Wheel Well Liners offer an extra barrier of protection to help shield your wheel wells from rocks, mud, salt, and harsh weather.

With all the small, hard to clean areas covered, cleanup is fast and simple. Installation is easy too! Rough Country Rear Wheel Well Liners feature a bolt-on installation process that's easy enough to do with common tools in a home garage.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Enhances your truck's appearance by providing a more finished look
  • Protects against damage from rocks, dirt, salt, road debris and weather elements
  • Hides the gap between the frame and body
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on material and workmanship
  • Made of high-density Polyethylene plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in pairs

Notes: Does Not fit Chevrolet models Does Not fit dually models Does Not fit models with fifth wheel hitch Aftermarket fender flares may need to be temporarily removed for installation.


  • Sold As Pair
  • Material Polyethylene
  • Location Rear
  • Drive 2WD|4WD
  • Mount Style Bolt On


2014_GMC_Sierra 1500_4.3L FLEX, 2014_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2014_GMC_Sierra 1500_6.2L GAS, 2014_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L CNG, 2014_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2014_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2014_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2014_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2014_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2014_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2015_GMC_Sierra 1500_4.3L FLEX, 2015_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2015_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L GAS, 2015_GMC_Sierra 1500_6.2L GAS, 2015_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L CNG, 2015_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2015_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2015_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2015_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L CNG, 2015_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2015_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2015_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2016_GMC_Sierra 1500_4.3L FLEX, 2016_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L ELECTRIC/GAS, 2016_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2016_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L GAS, 2016_GMC_Sierra 1500_6.2L GAS, 2016_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L CNG, 2016_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2016_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2016_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2016_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L CNG, 2016_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2016_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2016_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2017_GMC_Sierra 1500_4.3L FLEX, 2017_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L ELECTRIC/GAS, 2017_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2017_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L GAS, 2017_GMC_Sierra 1500_6.2L GAS, 2017_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2017_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2017_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2017_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2017_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2017_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2018_GMC_Sierra 1500_4.3L FLEX, 2018_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L ELECTRIC/GAS, 2018_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2018_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L GAS, 2018_GMC_Sierra 1500_6.2L GAS, 2018_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2018_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2018_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2018_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2018_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2018_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2019_GMC_Sierra 1500_2.7L GAS, 2019_GMC_Sierra 1500_4.3L GAS, 2019_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2019_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L GAS, 2019_GMC_Sierra 1500_6.2L GAS, 2019_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L CNG, 2019_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2019_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2019_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2019_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L CNG, 2019_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L FLEX, 2019_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.0L GAS, 2019_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL

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