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PH+ Electronic Shut Off Valve Kit for 17-20 Silverado/Sierra Duramax 6.6l L5p Engine Pacbrake

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SKU: PAC-C50360A


PH+ Electronic Shut Off Valve Kit for Duramax 6.6l L5p Engine. Diesel engine runaway can happen whenever your engine sucks in flammable particles, such as gas and oil vapors in the air - or even grain dust.

PH+ controls the electronic throttle body in the intake manifold found on most late model diesel engines and will close off the air supply in emergency situations. Protect your life, livelihood and your vehicle with a PH+ Electronic Emergency Engine Shutdown system.

Industry Leading Two year Warranty

PH+ Key Benefits:

  • 2017-2020 Silverado / Sierra 2500 HD / 3500 HD Pickup
  • 2019-2020 Silverado / Sierra 3500 HD / 4500 HD / 5500 HD / 6500 HD Chassis Cab with a Duramax 6.6L (L5P) Engine
  • Automatic Emergency Engine Shutdown
  • Plug and play install - factory connectors and pre-built wiring harness
  • Can be installed in 60 minutes or less
  • Will not set ECM trouble codes
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Auto resets after shutdown
  • In-cab switch for manual shutdown included
  • Secondary trip speed for Power Takeoff (PTO) applications
  • Easily change between multiple built-in shut-off speeds
  • Use for truck security by setting a low trip speed
  • Have a leased truck? No worries! Unit can be easily removed

Kit Contents:

  • PH+ PowerGuard Controller
  • PowerHalt Power/Switch Harness
  • PowerHalt Application Specific Harness
  • Toggle Switch Assembly
  • Tie Straps
  • Self-Tapping Screws
  • Switch Cover
  • Switch Label
  • Switch Decal


2017_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2017_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2017_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2017_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2018_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2018_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2018_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2018_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2019_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2019_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2019_Chevrolet_Silverado 4500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2019_Chevrolet_Silverado 5500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2019_Chevrolet_Silverado 6500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2019_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2019_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2020_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2020_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2020_Chevrolet_Silverado 4500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2020_Chevrolet_Silverado 5500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2020_Chevrolet_Silverado 6500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2020_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2020_GMC_Sierra 3500 HD_6.6L DIESEL

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