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Alpha XD 7500 Air Spring Suspension Kit For 14-22 RAM 2500 Pacbrake

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SKU: PAC-HP10206-X


Eliminate truck sag, sway and bottoming out with ALPHA XD 7500lb air bags / air helper springs from Pacbrake. Don't risk the air leaks and cold weather fractures more common in the plastic end caps of the other guys. Insist on Pacbrake quality, durability and value. Use Pacbrake's extreme duty air springs to eliminate your vehicles sag, sway, and bottoming out. Distribute weight evenly to your tires, supporting any load without overtaxing your suspension. ALPHA XD 7500 Air Springs by Pacbrake are the only extreme-duty air springs on the market with one-piece aluminum end caps and 20 support wires giving you maximum strength and durability. Rated for up to 7500 lbs. of load-leveling capacity. ALPHA XD 7500 is ideally suited for those towing/hauling big loads on a regular basis. The big 7-inch double convoluted bellow type air springs level your truck's stance while providing added support for an overall smooth and safe ride. Applications vary. Never exceed the manufacturer's recommended Gross Vehicle Weight RatingThe only air bags inch thick billet anodized aluminum end caps, ultra thick powder-coated brackets, and multilayered nylon reinforced rubber bellows supported with 20 steel reinforcement girdle wires, plus a Lifetime Warranty.


2014_Ram_2500_5.7L CNG, 2014_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2014_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2014_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2015_Ram_2500_5.7L CNG, 2015_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2015_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2015_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2016_Ram_2500_5.7L CNG, 2016_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2016_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2016_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2017_Ram_2500_5.7L CNG, 2017_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2017_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2017_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2018_Ram_2500_5.7L CNG, 2018_Ram_2500_5.7L GAS, 2018_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2018_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2019_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2019_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2020_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2020_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2021_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2021_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2022_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2022_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2023_Ram_2500_6.4L GAS, 2023_Ram_2500_6.7L DIESEL, 2024_Ram_1500_3.0L DIESEL, 2024_Ram_1500_3.6L MILD HYBRID EV-GAS (MHEV), 2024_Ram_1500_5.7L GAS, 2024_Ram_1500_5.7L MILD HYBRID EV-GAS (MHEV), 2024_Ram_1500_6.2L GAS

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