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  • 3.0 inch Cat-Back 2.5 inch Dual Split Rear Quad Carbon Fiber Tips 4.0 inch OD Dual Out 19-22 Silverado/Sierra 1500 MBRP

3.0 inch Cat-Back 2.5 inch Dual Split Rear Quad Carbon Fiber Tips 4.0 inch OD Dual Out 19-22 Silverado/Sierra 1500 MBRP

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T304 Stainless Steel, 3.0 inch Cat-Back, 2.5 inch Dual Split Rear, Quad Carbon Fiber Tips 4.0 inch OD Dual Out Carbon fiber Tips Included. Replaces Factory Dual Exhaust. EXCL. 2WD CC 6.5 inch Box (2 PC DriveShaft). Built to Perform MBRP's performance exhaust systems are built to perform.

Designed to maximize exhaust flow and minimize exhaust temperatures your vehicle will used less gas, last longer and perform better. Every system we sell has been built to the most exacting standards in the industry. Sound and Style - Performance is one thing but at MBRP we believe that appearance and sound are just as important.

Every MBRP performance exhaust system has been specifically tuned to get the optimal sound from your vehicle.

With our stamped logo on the tip and our unmistakable styling, there's no question that you have the hottest performance exhaust on the road - MBRP.

2019-2023 Chevrolet/GMC 1500 Silverado/ Sierra 5.3L
2022 Chevrolet/GMC 1500 Silverado LTD/ Sierra Limited 5.3L

  • Bolt-on Installation
  • 34 percent Flow Increase
  • 4 inch OD Dual Out Carbon Fiber Tips Included
  • Moderate Exhaust Tone


2019_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_2.7L GAS, 2019_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_4.3L GAS, 2019_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2019_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_5.3L GAS, 2019_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_6.2L GAS, 2019_GMC_Sierra 1500_2.7L GAS, 2019_GMC_Sierra 1500_4.3L GAS, 2019_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2019_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L GAS, 2019_GMC_Sierra 1500_6.2L GAS, 2020_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_2.7L GAS, 2020_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_3.0L DIESEL, 2020_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_4.3L GAS, 2020_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2020_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_5.3L GAS, 2020_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_6.2L GAS, 2020_GMC_Sierra 1500_2.7L GAS, 2020_GMC_Sierra 1500_3.0L DIESEL, 2020_GMC_Sierra 1500_4.3L GAS, 2020_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2020_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L GAS, 2020_GMC_Sierra 1500_6.2L GAS, 2021_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_2.7L GAS, 2021_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_3.0L DIESEL, 2021_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_4.3L GAS, 2021_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2021_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_5.3L GAS, 2021_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_6.2L GAS, 2021_GMC_Sierra 1500_2.7L GAS, 2021_GMC_Sierra 1500_3.0L DIESEL, 2021_GMC_Sierra 1500_4.3L GAS, 2021_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L FLEX, 2021_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L GAS, 2021_GMC_Sierra 1500_6.2L GAS, 2022_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500 LTD_2.7L GAS, 2022_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500 LTD_3.0L DIESEL, 2022_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500 LTD_5.3L FLEX, 2022_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500 LTD_5.3L GAS, 2022_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500 LTD_6.2L GAS, 2022_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_2.7L GAS, 2022_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_3.0L DIESEL, 2022_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_5.3L GAS, 2022_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_6.2L GAS, 2022_GMC_Sierra 1500_2.7L GAS, 2022_GMC_Sierra 1500_3.0L DIESEL, 2022_GMC_Sierra 1500_5.3L GAS, 2022_GMC_Sierra 1500_6.2L GAS, 2023_Chevrolet_Silverado 1500_3.0L DIESEL, 2023_GMC_Sierra 1500_3.0L DIESEL
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