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Merchant Automotive 2001-2004 LB& Chev/GMC Delux Injector Install Kit - 10022

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SKU: MAT-10022


Whether you need to replace faulty fuel injectors in your Duramax or you simply want to upgrade your factory injectors, there are specialty tools and parts you should replace along the way. At Merchant Automotive, we are all about creating solution-based kits to make working on your truck much easier. That is exactly what we set out to do with our 2001-2004 LB7 fuel injector install kit w/o injectors.
This deluxe fuel injector install kit contains all of the needed parts we recommend replacing when switching out your fuel injectors. We have also included specialty tools you will need to remove and replace your injectors to save you a trip to the auto parts store. This comprehensive kit does not include injectors so that you can choose the injectors of your choice. Pick up this kit along with your favorite injectors and get your Duramax running great again.
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Signs Of Bad Fuel Injectors in Duramax
When your Duramax powered truck starts to run rough, there are many culprits to investigate. Signs of dirty, clogged, or malfunctioning fuel injectors include problems starting your truck, rough idle, poor performance, failing an emission test, fuel consumption increase, and engine surging. It can often be difficult to diagnose malfunctioning fuel injectors on your own, so you may have to have a local shop test your injectors for proper performance.

  • Full Deluxe Install Kit
  • Allows You to Use with Your Choice of Injectors
  • Does Full Injector Replacement Job
  • Does Not Include Injectors
  • Includes Replacement Gaskets/Hardware
  • Specialty Tools Included
Kit Includes
  • Text Injector removal tool 
  • Lower valve cover bolts
  • Upper valve cover bolts
  • Injector Lines
  • Filter head rebuild kit
  • Bleeder screw
  • Water in fuel plug
  • Fuel filter
  • Fuel filter head spacer kit
  • WIF wrench
  • Fuel line disconnect tool
  • Return line bolts
  • Oil filter 
  • Lower valve cover gaskets
  • Injector cup o-rings
  • Injector cup sealant
  • Return line seals
  • Injector o-rings and Coppers
  • FICM seals
  • Upper Radiator Pipe Seal
  • Heater Pipe Seal
  • Silicone Sealant


2001_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2001_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2001_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2001_GMC_Sierra 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2002_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2002_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2002_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2002_GMC_Sierra 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2003_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2003_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2003_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2003_GMC_Sierra 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2004_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2004_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2004_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2004_GMC_Sierra 3500_6.6L DIESEL

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