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Advanced Race Tuning

Advanced Race Tuning (ART) Canada's premier Diesel performance tuning brand.

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Advanced Race Tuning (ART) makes DPF delete tuners that help diesel racers maximize their vehicle’s performance. DPF stands for diesel particulate filter, and by removing or modifying this part, diesel racing enthusiasts can improve their vehicle’s performance. ART company provides all of the components you need to get the optimize your customized setup. Throughout our brand-specific subcategories, you can find fuel filter adapters, EGR valves and cooler kits, transmission tuning packages, passenger side up pipes, and, of course, DPF delete tuners and kits. Canadian Diesel Online offers products with compatibility ranging from 2004 models up to the present year. Shop ART diesel DPF delete tuning kits now! Have any questions? Reach out to us here.