What is a Core Charge?

A Core charge, is a refundable deposit that is charged on top of the price of the part in question. This fee is charged on certain automotive parts as a way to encourage the return of the old part or “Core”, hence Core charge.

How does a Core Charge work?

Let’s use a fuel injector as an example, this injector has a $200.00 core charge added onto the sale of the injector. Once you return the old part (the “Core”) then as long as it is deemed acceptable for rebuild your Core charge will be refunded to you.

Wait what, you said acceptable for rebuild. Yes, the core must be acceptable for rebuild, we at Canadian Diesel Online are not responsible for this. This is solely the discretion of the manufacturer.

How to return your Core?

BD Diesel – all cores must be returned to BD Diesel using BD’s supplied core return paperwork, you will need to follow the instructions provided. Please Note BD deducts the cost of return freight off of the core refund.

Large items, such as Engines, Cylinder heads, ETC – Please contact us for instructions on how and where to return the core to. If you ship this back to Performance Everything Inc without first confirming where to ship it, you may end up with shipping charges deducted from your core refund.

Any Core’s shipped to Canadian Diesel Online but must be sent back with customer name, phone number and order number. Without these you will not receive your refund.

 Return Freight.

Canadian Diesel Online is not responsible for any shipping charges for shipping of the core return’s.