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Introducing the Morimoto XB LED Headlights for Porsche 911! These headlights are designed for the discerning Porsche enthusiast, offering a perfect blend of style and performance. With a direct bolt-on fitment for Porsche 911s from 1965-1994, including the 911, 912, and 964 generations, installation is a breeze. The Morimoto XB LED Headlights feature a high-output Bi-LED projector, providing a wider, brighter low beam and a penetrating high beam. They meet and exceed all SAE and DOT standards when properly aimed, thanks to integrated aiming adjusters. Plus, they're plug-and-play, connecting seamlessly to your stock 3-prong H4 connectors with included H5/9007 Adapters for later models. These headlights not only enhance visibility but also preserve the classic Porsche styling with preserved geometry and fluted texture. The optical light pipe adds a touch of modernity while staying true to the Porsche heritage. Choose between Classic White for an OEM look or Modern White for a refreshed appearance. Crafted with a durable UV-treated polycarbonate lens, these headlights are built to last, providing exceptional visibility and style for the life of your classic 911. Upgrade your Porsche 911's front end with Morimoto XB LED Headlights and experience the perfect fusion of classic elegance and modern performance.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Wider, brighter low beam, and a powerful high beam for better night driving.
  • Easy Installation: Direct fit for Porsche 911s 1965-1994, plug-and-play with included adapters.
  • Classic Styling: Preserves iconic Porsche look with fluted texture and modern optical light pipe.
  • Style Options: Choose Classic White for OEM appearance or Modern White for a refreshed look.
  • Durable Design: UV-treated polycarbonate lens for long-lasting performance and exceptional visibility.


  • Headlights: 2x (One Pair) 65-94 Porsche 911 XB LED Headlights
  • Retainers: 2x New Lens Retainers (Gloss Black / Paintable)
  • Wiring: Plug and Play H4 Harness, Fuse Tap, H4 to H5/9007 Adapters


This Morimoto product includes a 5 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


1970_Porsche_911_2.2L GAS, 1971_Porsche_911_2.2L GAS, 1972_Porsche_911_2.3L GAS, 1972_Porsche_911_2.3L GAS, 1973_Porsche_911_2.3L GAS, 1973_Porsche_911_2.3L GAS, 1974_Porsche_911_2.7L GAS, 1974_Porsche_911_2.7L GAS, 1974_Porsche_911_2.7L GAS, 1974_Porsche_911_2.7L GAS, 1975_Porsche_911_2.7L GAS, 1976_Porsche_911_2.7L GAS, 1976_Porsche_911_3.0L GAS, 1977_Porsche_911_2.7L GAS, 1977_Porsche_911_3.0L GAS, 1978_Porsche_911_3.0L GAS, 1979_Porsche_911_3.0L GAS, 1980_Porsche_911_3.0L GAS, 1981_Porsche_911_3.0L GAS, 1982_Porsche_911_3.0L GAS, 1983_Porsche_911_3.0L GAS, 1984_Porsche_911_3.2L GAS, 1985_Porsche_911_3.2L GAS, 1986_Porsche_911_3.2L GAS, 1986_Porsche_911_3.3L GAS, 1987_Porsche_911_3.2L GAS, 1987_Porsche_911_3.3L GAS, 1988_Porsche_911_3.2L GAS, 1988_Porsche_911_3.3L GAS, 1990_Porsche_911_3.6L GAS, 1991_Porsche_911_3.3L GAS, 1991_Porsche_911_3.6L GAS, 1992_Porsche_911_3.3L GAS, 1992_Porsche_911_3.6L GAS, 1993_Porsche_911_3.6L GAS, 1994_Porsche_911_3.6L GAS

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