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Introducing the XBG LED Daytime Running Light Insert Kit for 20-22 Ford Super Duty trucks with the OEM Platinum grille. This kit is designed to elevate your vehicle's appearance and functionality. It includes new upper and lower trim pieces, LED optics, and a plug-and-play harness, making installation a breeze. The Daytime Running Lights (DRL) feature automotive-grade optics and Osram LEDs, ensuring exceptional brightness and visibility during the day. These DRL Bars automatically adjust their intensity to reduce glare in low-light conditions, providing a safe and stylish lighting solution. Choose between white or amber DRL options to suit your preference. When it comes to quality and performance, the Morimoto optics in this kit outshine the competition, making your truck stand out. Compatible with OEM LED headlights and aftermarket options, these DRL grilles seamlessly integrate into your vehicle's front end. Plus, the plug-and-play design ensures no modifications are required, making it a hassle-free upgrade. Enhance both the aesthetics and safety of your Ford Super Duty with the XBG LED Daytime Running Light Insert Kit.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Exceptional brightness for improved visibility in all conditions.
  • Easy Installation: Includes trim pieces and plug-and-play harness for hassle-free upgrade.
  • Quality Optics: Automotive-grade optics and Osram LEDs ensure consistent, intense illumination.
  • Customizable: Choose between white or amber daytime running lights to match your style.
  • Superior Quality: Morimoto optics for outstanding performance and aesthetics.


  • DRL Bars: 2x XBG LED DRL Bars (White or Amber)**
  • Trim: Upper and Lower DRL Housings (OE-Match Platinum Finish)
  • Wire Harness: Plug n Play Connection kit for Halogen or OE LED Trucks
  • *NOTE: Does not include grille. You must reuse your stock Platinum grille.


This Morimoto product includes a 5 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


2020_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2020_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2020_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_7.3L GAS, 2020_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2020_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2020_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_7.3L GAS, 2020_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2020_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_7.3L GAS, 2021_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2021_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2021_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_7.3L GAS, 2021_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2021_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2021_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_7.3L GAS, 2021_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2021_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_7.3L GAS, 2022_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2022_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2022_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_7.3L GAS, 2022_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2022_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2022_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_7.3L GAS, 2022_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2022_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_7.3L GAS

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