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Introducing the Ultimate Front-End Facelift Kit for your Super Duty truck! Say goodbye to expensive upgrades and complicated installations. Our kit includes a brand-new core support and wiring, making it a breeze to install the latest 2020-2022 Super Duty grille and headlights on your 2017-2019 truck, all at an unbeatable price. No more hassle with OEM parts and adapters – our kit is the ultimate turn-key solution, making your upgrade a bolt-on, plug-and-play experience. Don't compromise on quality or style – choose Morimoto XB LED Headlights for maximum performance and a 5-year warranty. Customize your look with Morimoto XBG Grilles, available in various options to match your style. Upgrade your Super Duty with confidence, knowing that all mounting points and accessories will align perfectly. Our kit maintains the integrity of your original setup, crafted from OE-grade 30% fiber-reinforced polypropylene. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity to transform your truck's front end. Upgrade today!


  • Core Support: 1x Morimoto Facelift Bracket (17-19 Super Duty)
  • Adapter Harnesses: 2x 17-19 OE Halogen or LED to 20-22 LED Standard
  • Accessories: New stainless hardware and threaded clips
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Not Included: New 2020-22 Style Grille and Headlights (Required)


2017_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2017_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2017_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2017_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2017_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2017_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_6.8L GAS, 2018_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2018_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2018_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2018_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2018_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2018_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_6.8L GAS, 2019_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2019_Ford_F-250 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2019_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.2L FLEX, 2019_Ford_F-350 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2019_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_6.7L DIESEL, 2019_Ford_F-450 Super Duty_6.8L GAS

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