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Merchant Automotive 2001-2010 Chev/GMC Billet CP3 Fuel Injection Pump Rear Bracket - 10696

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SKU: MAT-10696


On 2001-2010 Duramax trucks, the CP3 fuel injector pump assembly was composed of a few different components. The rear bracket on the CP3 pump was a weak point on this setup as it was made from plastic that became brittle over time. This led to cracking of the bracket and failure of the pump.

Merchant Automotive has developed a solution for this problem with this billet CP3 fuel injection pump rear bracket. This bracket is designed to be a direct replacement of the original bracket for a factory like fit and finish, but is made from billet for a lifetime solution. With a billet construction, you will never have to worry about a cracked bracket again. This is a great way to repair a cracked bracket or replace a bracket while servicing your CP3 for preventative maintenance. This is also a great piece to have when doing a CP3 conversion on your 2011-2016 LML Duramax. This Duramax CP3 fuel injection pump rear bracket is a replacement for GM part number 97328578.


  • Strengthens Fuel Injector Pump Assembly
  • Fixes Commonly Cracked Stock Bracket
  • Future Proofs Your CP3 Setup


  • Full Billet Construction
  • Direct Replacement
  • Great Upgrade When Replacing CP3 Pump

Kit Includes

  • Billet CP3 Fuel Pump Mounting Bracket

What Year Duramax Had CP4 Problems?

If you have been around the Duramax scene, you have most likely heard of the complaints of the CP4 fuel injection pump complaints. The CP4 pump replaced the older CP3 pump, but many are converting back to the CP3 with conversion kits for the efficiency of the CP3. Duramax trucks from 2011-2016 had CP4 fuel injection pump issues. The CP3 pump was used for most 2001-2010 Duramax engines, and even some 2003-2018 Cummin diesel engines. Most failing CP4s will present problems around 100,000 miles and will usually destroy the entire fuel system. This means you will be looking at replacing most of the components in your fuel system, costing you thousands of dollars.


Duramax LML CP4 Pump Failure

The CP4 fuel injection pump in 2011-2016 Duramax trucks suffer high pressure fuel pump issues due to lack of lubrication. The CP4 was designed to be a more efficient pump than its predecessor, the CP3 pump. However, the CP4 proved to be less reliable than the CP3. An LML CP4 pump failure will present itself with a hard start or no start condition and can result in the following trouble codes: P0087, P0088, P0191, or P128E. This can be confirmed by removing the CP4 pump and fuel pressure regulator and checking for cracks and metal debris on the fuel pressure regulator screen.


2001_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2001_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2001_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2001_GMC_Sierra 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2002_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2002_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2002_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2002_GMC_Sierra 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2003_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2003_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2003_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2003_GMC_Sierra 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2004_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2004_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2004_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2004_GMC_Sierra 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2005_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2005_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2005_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2005_GMC_Sierra 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2006_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2006_Chevrolet_Silverado 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2006_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2006_GMC_Sierra 3500_6.6L DIESEL, 2007_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2007_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2008_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2008_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2009_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2009_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2010_Chevrolet_Silverado 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL, 2010_GMC_Sierra 2500 HD_6.6L DIESEL

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