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6 Inch NTD Suspension Lift Kit 94-03 4WD Sonoma/S10 Ext Cab Rough Country

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SKU: RCS-244.20


Here at Rough Country we think everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy the same off-road lifestyle, so we offer amazing equipment at an incredible value and back it with top quality, unbeatable service, and a life time warranty!

Now, S-10 owners have a whole new reason to be excited about their trucks! Rough Country is proud to announce the first affordable, all-inclusive 6in lift kit for 94-03 Chevy S10's!

This kit comes with everything you need to go off the pavement and into the mudholes. This lift kit was designed to preserve factory ride quality, featuring several brackets and hardware designed to keep optimum angles of all components after lifting.

Engineered by Rough Country, this kit focuses on offering top-notch components at an incredible price. With fabricated brackets, a beefy crossmember, and a 3/16in grade 50 plate steel skid plate, and Laser CNC parts, you're looking at long-lasting satisfaction for your truck!

With 6 inch of ride height, that's enough to run up to 265/75-16 tires with a 16x8 wheel!



1994_Chevrolet_S10_2.2L GAS, 1994_Chevrolet_S10_4.3L GAS, 1994_GMC_Sonoma_2.2L GAS, 1994_GMC_Sonoma_4.3L GAS, 1995_Chevrolet_S10_2.2L GAS, 1995_Chevrolet_S10_4.3L GAS, 1995_GMC_Sonoma_2.2L GAS, 1995_GMC_Sonoma_4.3L GAS, 1996_Chevrolet_S10_2.2L GAS, 1996_Chevrolet_S10_4.3L GAS, 1996_GMC_Sonoma_2.2L GAS, 1996_GMC_Sonoma_4.3L GAS, 1997_Chevrolet_S10_-L ELECTRIC, 1997_Chevrolet_S10_2.2L GAS, 1997_Chevrolet_S10_4.3L GAS, 1997_GMC_Sonoma_2.2L GAS, 1997_GMC_Sonoma_4.3L GAS, 1998_Chevrolet_S10_-L ELECTRIC, 1998_Chevrolet_S10_2.2L GAS, 1998_Chevrolet_S10_4.3L GAS, 1998_GMC_Sonoma_2.2L GAS, 1998_GMC_Sonoma_4.3L GAS, 1999_Chevrolet_S10_-L ELECTRIC, 1999_Chevrolet_S10_2.2L GAS, 1999_Chevrolet_S10_4.3L GAS, 1999_GMC_Sonoma_2.2L GAS, 1999_GMC_Sonoma_4.3L GAS, 2000_Chevrolet_S10_-L ELECTRIC, 2000_Chevrolet_S10_2.2L FLEX, 2000_Chevrolet_S10_2.2L GAS, 2000_Chevrolet_S10_4.3L GAS, 2000_GMC_Sonoma_2.2L FLEX, 2000_GMC_Sonoma_2.2L GAS, 2000_GMC_Sonoma_4.3L GAS, 2001_Chevrolet_S10_2.2L FLEX, 2001_Chevrolet_S10_4.3L GAS, 2001_GMC_Sonoma_2.2L FLEX, 2001_GMC_Sonoma_4.3L GAS, 2002_Chevrolet_S10_2.2L FLEX, 2002_Chevrolet_S10_4.3L GAS, 2002_GMC_Sonoma_2.2L FLEX, 2002_GMC_Sonoma_4.3L GAS, 2003_Chevrolet_S10_2.2L GAS, 2003_Chevrolet_S10_4.3L GAS, 2003_GMC_Sonoma_2.2L GAS, 2003_GMC_Sonoma_4.3L GAS

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