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Leveling Kit For 2.25 inch Lift For 05-22 Tacoma 4WD/PreRunner Pacbrake

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SKU: PAC-HP10341


Leveling Kit (2.25 inch lift) compatible with Toyota Tacoma / PreRunner. Install a Pacbrake Leveling kits above the factory coil springs to level your truck's stance. The main reason the front of is lower is trucks come like that from the factory so that they are relatively level when the rear end squats after being towed or loaded up. Over time, the additional weight reduces the height of the front suspension, causing it to sit much lower than the rear. Pacbrake has a solution, by installing our lightweight aluminum spacers above the factory coil springs to level the vehicle's stance. Maximum Tire Size-33 inch Details: Compatible with Toyota Tacoma (4WD) / PreRunner (2WD) 2005-2023. Lift 2.25 Inch. Max tire 33 Inch. Pacbrake Series.Install a Pacbrake leveling kit above the factory coil springs to level your truck's stance and/or allow for bigger tires.


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